About the Project

ZED is a joint project between the Life Sciences Computing Group at University of Texas at Austin and the University of Minnesota aimed at filling three critical gaps in maize epigenetics research. First, it will offer a dynamic repository for community-contributed maize epigenome data and its associated experimental and analytical metadata. Second, because it is built atop the robust iPlant platform, it will facilitate computation and reanalysis on epigenomic data according to established bioinformatics protocols. Finally, it will provide a configurable genome browser for this extensive catalog of epigenome data and enabling direct comparison among multiple large-scale epigenomic data sets.

Explore the Data

Track names follow the convention Sample_Analysis. For example, B73 CG methylation would be be B73_CG. The bigwig and other files corresponding to these tracks can be found in the Browse and Download Files section.

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ZED is a product of the grant "Causes and Consequences of Epigenetic Variation in Maize" from the National Science Foundation (#IOS-1237931)

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