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The Story

At Kremsa Digital we work with amazing SMBs but see the same problem over and over again. Brands have great products but don’t know how to sell them online. They try everything and focus on nothing. Ultimately, they spend too much money with a little return on their investment.

We want we to change that. We collect data from our community and use it to provide real recommendations that will save you time and improve your ROI.

This is a free service. You help us by helping others like you.

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Step 2

A real human will will compare your site with other sites in your vertical.

Step 3

You will get an email with clear recommendations on how to grow your sales.

Your data is never shared. All data is anonymized and grouped with the rest of sites to be used as a benchmark. Here is an example:

Hi Joe,

Thank you for becoming part of our community. We reviewed your site and have the following recommendations that can improve your sales by 30%:

  1. Your desktop ads conversion rate is on par with others in your industry but  mobile ads perform poorly. They are at only at 10% of the average. Turn off your mobile ads, move the budget to desktop ads. Review your mobile site experience before you turn them on again.
  2. Your referrals have amazing conversions but low volume. Others in your industry have 3x the referral traffic you do. Double down on what you are doing with referrers. Even if the conversion rate drops a bit your efforts will pay off.

In addition, there are a few more things we think you should know.

  • 85% of products like yours are purchased by women that are 35 or older. Make sure you understand them and tailor the copy and images to them. 
  • Your industry has 30% of shoppers that come back for another purchase within a month. Make sure you grow your email list and email them with relevant offers.

We will continue monitoring your website and send you another email when we see an industry change or change in your conversions.

Keep up the great work!