Crypt Monkey Studios
  • Jack the Ripper

    You are trapped in a dark warehouse and one of your fellow Scavenger Hunters is the notorious Jack the Ripper, you just don't know which one.

    Are You Jack?

  • A fast paced card game that pits players against each other as they race to be the first to exit a house infested with demons.
    Second place gets the same prize as last, an eternity of being the food and playthings of demons.
  • Jack the Ripper Successfully Funded!

    With support of backers from all over the world, Jack the Ripper has been unleashed!

  • Get Your Jack Gear @

House of Possession Kickstarter Coming Soon!
House of Possession will go live on Kickstarter October 1st 2018! We have lowered the goal, improved the campaign rewards, and the game. Learn More hood end!
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KantCon 2018 Starts this Friday the 13th!
July 08, 2018 11:53 am CDT
This next weekend we are very excited that we'll be at KantCon in Overland Park, KS! If you are going to be at KantCon, come find our vendor booth. Check out our wares, enjoy a demo of one of our games, and chat.

We are also hosting events. I'll teach you how to play Jack the Ripper so you can get a bluffing advantage over on your friends. Jack t ...
by Ty Rucker
Geekway to The West May 17th - 20th
May 16, 2018 07:48 am CDT
We will be at Geekway to The West in St. Charles, Missouri this week!

In 2016, we previewed Jack the Ripper to the Geekway attendees with a tournament. And so, Geekway has a special place in our hearts.

This year, Geekway is sold out so I hope this isn't the first you are hearing of it! If you have your ticket, be sure to come meet with us in our ...
by Ty Rucker
Nerdarchy Live Chat Monday, May 14th
May 10, 2018 05:08 pm CDT
I am super stoked to be chatting with Dave Friant on the Nerdarchy live chat at 12pm Eastern this Monday, May 14th. I am looking forward to hanging out and talking games!

Come watch us and ask questions!

In the meantime, here are some great Nerdarchy links, check them out! They have great blogs and great videos so be sure to pop over, if you have ...
by Ty Rucker
Kickstarter Campaign Is Live!
April 14, 2018 10:41 am CDT
This blog post for House of Possession 
House of Possession started out as an idea for a card game and now it's fun primer board game. I am super happy to finally be able to announce, it's ready!

Testing is done, all the magnificent artwork by Alejandro Castillo is complete, packaging is designed, manufacturers have been chosen, and we are ready to get House of Possession on to game tab ...
by Ty Rucker
Introducing the HoP Primary Artist
January 07, 2018 08:01 pm CST
This blog post for House of Possession 
In the next several weeks, we’ll be opening the Kickstarter for House of Possession. So, I thought this was a wonderful time to introduce the Primary Artist for this project, Alejandro Castillo.

A few months ago, we sent out a request for artist submissions to help us finish our House of Possession game. During this process, we considered over f ...
by Ty Rucker
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