University of Wisconsin at Madison Network Statistics

New Core Weathermap 8333649410 New Core Static Weathermap

Data TypeDescription
UW-Madison Internet Border Total Traffic to the outside world based on snmp data
UW-Madison Campus WAN WAN Traffic to direct peers and remote sites
MadIX MADison Internet eXchange port usage summary summary-other
Campus Network Port Statistics for the UW-Madison Campus network
GNMIS v43 search interface for anything we have on hand
Popular queries in GNMIS:   (304) 571-1530   Router SP CPU   UPS Temp   478-454-6625   Router temp  
gMegaFlow Netflow v9 stats from the campus border.
Reports Daily reports
NFSEN Netflow v9 records from inside the campus.
Campus Network Firewalls Aggregate data per ASA firewall :   7188085531   last week   (631) 671-9172   last year
Campus Network Firewalls Individual firewall context statistics:   via AANTS
Datacenter load balancing Citrix Production   581-240-5181
Wireless Access Points Monitoring and statistics via   Airwave AMP
UPS Systems 312-289-4183
Environmentals DoIT Datacenter bay bean.
Environmentals Temperature in All Equipment Rooms with probes:  8137886023   Last 7 days   815-384-4766   tone quality  

Campus Datacenter WX

(870) 879-1330

Friends and Neighbors

WiscNet 5106066816
MREN / StarLight

Physics Transfers: LHC perfsonar dashboard CMS ATLAS

NASA Earth Observation System to UW
ESNet to UW


(410) 635-8250

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