On October 21, 2014 LAC honored Edward J. Davis, Russelle Miller-Hill and John J. Suydam with the Arthur Liman Public Interest Award.


Confidentiality & Communication 2012 now includes a NEW supplemental insert that includes the final rules amending key components of HIPAA’s privacy and security requirements that went into effect in September 2013.


Addresses widespread use of prior criminal convictions in screening and disqualifying job applicants which disproportionately affects minorities


Free, downloadable videos created by the Legal Action Center for the NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives.


LAC is now on Amazon Smile. If you shop on Amazon, you can easily arrange to have Amazon.com donate a portion of every purchase you make to LAC. This is money donated by amazon.com, not you! Click here to start.


Updates to a landmark study of the legal obstacles that people with criminal records face when trying to re-enter society.


A video guide to give people leaving prison the skills and knowledge to find jobs and prepare them for the challenges of re-entry. Available online or in DVD form.


Our Director and Deputy Director, Paul N. Samuels and Anita Marton, speak to the Pew Charitable Trust’s Stateline about the impact of the ACA on Medicaid and reentry.